Fund Services

A full suite of fund services, including establishment, shareholder servicing, administration and accounting for a range of investment fund structures, including companies, unit trusts and limited partnerships, domiciled in most jurisdictions and encompassing all investment types.

These services include:

  • Structuring and establishment of the fund, liaising with legal advisers;
  • Maintaining statutory records;
  • Organising fund board and shareholder meetings;
  • Provision of corporate officers;
  • Receipt of shareholder applications and KYC/AML requirements;
  • Maintenance of the share register and shareholder services;
  • Dealing with day to day administration and payment of expenses;
  • Maintaining the fund’s accounting records;
  • NAV calculation;
  • Preparation of financial statements and liaison with auditors to complete the audit process; and;
  • FATCA/CRS reporting.

Our Managed Authorised Schemes: 

SMP Fund Services act as Manager to two Authorised Schemes:

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Our Specialists in Fund Services

Keith Corkill

Keith Corkill
Director, Fund Services, Isle of Man Office

Korie Drummond

Korie Drummond
Senior Manager, Corporate & Institutional, Cayman Islands Office

Andrew Edgington

Andrew Edgington
Head of Relationships, Corporate & Institutional, Cayman Islands Office

Scott Bowden

Scott Bowden
Manager, Valuations, Isle of Man Office