Fund Services

A full suite of fund services, including establishment, shareholder servicing, administration and accounting for a range of investment fund structures, including companies, unit trusts and limited partnerships, domiciled in most jurisdictions and encompassing all investment types.

These services include:

  • Structuring and establishment of the fund, liaising with legal advisers;
  • Maintaining statutory records;
  • Organising fund board and shareholder meetings;
  • Provision of corporate officers;
  • Receipt of shareholder applications and KYC/AML requirements;
  • Maintenance of the share register and shareholder services;
  • Dealing with day to day administration and payment of expenses;
  • Maintaining the fund’s accounting records;
  • NAV calculation;
  • Preparation of financial statements and liaison with auditors to complete the audit process; and;
  • FATCA/CRS reporting.

Our Managed Authorised Schemes: 

SMP Fund Services act as Manager to two Authorised Schemes:

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Our Specialists in Fund Services

Elizabeth Tansell

Elizabeth Tansell
Director, Fund Services, Cayman Islands Office

Keith Corkill

Keith Corkill
Director, Fund Services, Isle of Man Office

Korie Drummond

Korie Drummond
Senior Manager, Corporate & Institutional, Cayman Islands Office

Andrew Edgington

Andrew Edgington
Head of Relationships, Corporate & Institutional, Cayman Islands Office

Scott Bowden

Scott Bowden
Manager, Valuations, Isle of Man Office