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Tax investigations, amnesties and disclosures

Tax investigations can be extremely difficult to manage and usually occur at the least opportune time.

SMP Accounting & Tax have a team of qualified tax professionals who can take clients through the investigation process helping to take the strain away and mitigate, as far as possible, the liability being sought. It is important to take early professional advice to ensure the process is handled smoothly efficiently and in the best interests of the client.

A member of our specialist team will meet with the client to understand the issues, collate the relevant information and correspond with the relevant fiscal authority.  Our team will provide ongoing tax advice and explain how the authorities should be dealt with.  This would include, agreeing a basis for discussion before negotiating any outstanding taxes, penalties and interest on the taxpayer's behalf.

A range of tax amnesties and disclosure facilities have been available to taxpayers over the recent years.  For more information on the Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility please click here.

Our Specialists in Tax investigations, amnesties and disclosures

Rachael Hooper

Rachael Hooper
Senior Manager, Tax Department

Tony Dowling

Tony Dowling
Director, Tax

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