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Luxury Assets

Luxury assets can form not only a key part of a family’s portfolio, but also their lifestyle, identity and their passions.

Through our extensive experience with families and private owners of luxury assets, the SMP group of companies has developed a deep level of technical expertise, assisting our clients at all stages of purchasing, holding, selling and gifting luxury assets.

Our luxury assets specialism touches on many areas of expertise across the SMP Group of Companies. For further detail and guidance on luxury property please visit our real estate page, and for further information on yacht and aircraft please visit our yacht and aircraft page.

Art and Collectable Assets

Artwork and collectables may be held as an investment, to view, use and enjoy, or as part of wealth planning for future generations. SMP can provide bespoke tax and structuring services to ensure that these luxury assets are owned in the most beneficial and efficient way.

Artists and dealers in luxury assets should also consider the best way to structure their business, especially when trading internationally. SMP’s direct tax, VAT, trust and corporate services teams can work with you and your advisers to provide tailored solutions for your business.

SMP Accounting & Tax specialises in providing bespoke structuring advice and compliance services for high net worth individuals and their advisers. SMP’s tax specialists have a wealth of experience advising UK residents (both UK and non-UK domiciled) and international clients in respect of luxury assets and personal tax matters.

SMP Trustees provide specialist international trust and company services for luxury family assets, and have extensive experience looking after family wealth.

SMP’s services for artwork and collectable assets include:

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Our Specialists in Luxury Assets

Rachael Hooper

Rachael Hooper
Senior Manager, Tax Department

Anne Baggesen

Anne Baggesen
Group Director, Managing Director of Trusts and Private Wealth

Janine Cubbon

Janine Cubbon
Director, Trusts and Private Wealth

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