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The Scheme Particulars of the Fund have been updated following approval from the Isle of Man Financial Services Authority to reflect the following board changes effective from 01 July 2020:

Biographies of the Board of Directors of the Fund

The biographies for Scott William Bowden and Graeme Michael Easton have been updated.

Section 2.1 - Board changes of the Manager, SMP Fund Services Limited

The retirement of Elizabeth Tansell as a Director;
The retirement of Stephen Turner as a Director;
The appointment of Scott Bowden as a Director;
The appointment of Paul Mundy as a Director; and
The appointment of Mark Reynolds as a Director.

Section 8.5 - Historical Performance - Performance Record/NAV record/Ongoing charges

These sections have been updated to include the 31 August 2019 annual financial statements.

Section 12.9 - Compensation Scheme Arrangements

This section has been updated to reflect the amended 2019 regulations.

Section 16 - UK Facilities Agent and Directory

These sections have been updated to reflect that Gemini Investment Management Ltd has changed its name to GemCap UK Limited.

A copy of the updated Scheme Particulars, which includes further information and biographies for the new Directors is available on SMP Group of Companies website ( and may be obtained free of charge from the registered office of the Fund.

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