About SMP Partners

About the SMP Group of Companies

Protecting and enhancing wealth is about structuring and optimising the way assets are held. The only way to achieve prolonged protection is through successful, long term partnerships. The SMP Group of Companies invests the time to understand client needs and through advanced, bespoke planning and co-ordinated management, we deliver tailored structuring solutions that fit precisely and seamlessly. Through the collective expertise of our advisory and implementation teams and expansive on-going dialogue, we build relationships with our clients and their advisers that are based on trust and mutual respect.

With a global client base and wealth structuring solutions spanning over fifty different jurisdictions and over two hundred and forty motivated people prepared to respond, we are able to act thoughtfully, responsibly and promptly in delivering total assurance, anywhere in the world. With broad language capability and banking, legal and insurance partners in all major jurisdictions, our service and capabilities are truly international.

At SMP we consider your reputation, confidentiality and our status of paramount importance. This is why we design and deliver our services on a foundation of best-in-class compliance procedures and established internationally recognised jurisdictional regulation.

We deliver superior international solutions and outstanding service under relevant licenses issued by authorities in all our key jurisdictions. With international offices based in the Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Hong Kong, Isle of Man, Jersey, Malta, and Switzerland, our ethos and approach is replicated across all international teams and operations.